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Anatomical Chart of the Lateral Skeletal System of the Horse

Lateral horse skeletal system anatomical illustration

Image description and summary

This custom veterinary anatomical illustration features a lateral view of the skeletal system of a horse in motion. This image is the first in a series of anatomical studies of the horse, and includes the complete skeletal system of the horse. The deep muscle layers are illustrated in a second illustration which can be seen here. The superficial muscle layers are illustrated in a third illustration which can be seen here. These images were created for Equestricare in Australia, see what this client has to say about Inky Mouse Studios.

The three equine anatomy illustrations - skeletal, deep musculature and superficial musculature - have all been combined into a large wall poster which is now available for purchase from Inky Mouse Studios!

The bones featured in this illustration are: 1. Skull, 2. Mandible, 3. 7 Cervical Vertebrae, 3a. Cervical Vertebra 1 - Atlas, 3b. Cervical Vertebra 2 - Axis, 4. 18 Thoracic Vertebrae, 5. 6 Lumbar Vertebrae, 6. 5 Sacral Vertebrae, 7. 15-21 Caudal Vertebrae, 8. 18 Ribs, 9. Sternum, 10. Scapula, 10a. Scapular cartilage, 10b. Tuber spinae (scapular spine), 11. Humerus, 11a. Deltoid tuberosity, 12. Ulna, 12a. Olecranon of the ulna, 13. Radius, 14. Intermediate carpal, 15. Ulnar carpal, 16. Accessory carpal, 17. Third carpal, 18. Fourth carpal, 19. Third metacarpal, 20. Fourth metacarpal, 21. P1 First (proximal) phalanx, 22. P2 Second (middle) phalanx, 23. P3 Third (distal) phalanx, 24. Lateral sesamoid, 25. Radial carpal, 26. Second carpal, 27. Second metacarpal, 28. Medial sesamoid, 29. Pelvis, 29a.Tuber coxae, 29b. Tuber sacrum, 29c. Ischium, 29d. Ischial tuberosity, 30. Femur, 30a. Greater trochanter, 31. Patella, 32. Tibia, 33. Fibula, 34. Calcaneous, 35. Talus, 36. Central tarsal, 37. Third tarsal, 38. First and second tarsal bones (fused), 39. Fourth metatarsal 40. Third metatarsal, 41. Second metatarsal, 42. Fourth tarsal.